14-Jun-2018Lakeland, FL(11 miles)Items Wanted
Retired senior needs refrigerator
12-Jun-2018Lakeland, FL(11 miles)Items Wanted
I'm a handicapped woman on disability and my microwave blew up last week. Prefer a 900 to 1100 watt model in good condition.
12-Jun-2018Lakeland, FL(11 miles)Items Wanted
I am in need of a hospital bed in good working order. I'm on disability and have a hard time breathing if i lie down flat on my regular bed.
11-Jun-2018Lakeland, FL(11 miles)Items Wanted
Im in my final month now and dont have a baby swing i only have a boppy pillow trying to gather up some of the last things ill need asap if there's anyone that would be willing to donate that would be so wonderful thank you very much anything helps
7-Jun-2018Lakeland, FL(11 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for any cool plants or flowers for my new place Flower pots and containers Would love plumeria clippings if anyone has any Thanks!
5-Jun-2018Lakeland, FL(11 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for all kinds of craft supplies for nursing home patients. Beads, stamps, ribbon, paper, buttons , shells, wood pieces, stickers, glue, glue guns ect.
5-Jun-2018Lakeland, FL(11 miles)Items Wanted
in need of a cell phone. metro pcs or unlocked. thanks in advance.
1-Jun-2018Lakeland, FL(11 miles)Items Wanted
Wtd non working sewing box
31-May-2018Lakeland, FL(11 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for old livestock watering tub. Size 2' by 1' by 4' needed. Can be rusted out in places. If you have one that you are not using I can put the tub to good use. Thank You For Your Help!
29-May-2018Lakeland, FL(11 miles)Items Wanted
I am a single mother with 3 girls just got out of a domestic shelter into my own place and need help with all items for my place but really need help with beds for my kids please help anything can help i can be reached at 8635294818 nika please help me and my kids thank you
20-May-2018Lakeland, FL(11 miles)Items Wanted
I am desperately in need of 2 or 4 good used tires, size 195/65/15 or 205/55/16. My husband is a recent amputee and I am now the only wage earner. I delivery drive and my front tires are really bad. I appreciate any help even suggestions. Thank You
14-May-2018Lakeland, FL(11 miles)Items Wanted
Hello- my grandchildren are coming to live with me and I am looking for a little bicycle that a five year old could ride. We live on limited income but want to try to make this transition as smooth as possible so if you have a bike you don't want anymore- we would sure be thankful to get something for our grandon.
6-May-2018Haines City, FL(13 miles)Items Wanted
A homeless family finally has a home but is looking for bunk beds, dressers, bookshelves, drawers... anything to help furnish the house.
4-May-2018Lakeland, FL(11 miles)Items Wanted
Hi, Does anyone out there have any bright colored pictures of flowers? Trying to brighten up my livingroom.
Hi, Does anyone out there have any bright colored pictures of flowers? Trying to brighten up my livingroom.
3-May-2018Lakeland, FL(11 miles)Items Wanted
I know this is a far cry, but if anyone has a Bluetooth capable stereo they don t use/need I would really love to give it a good home. It doesn t need to be pretty as long as the Bluetooth works. Will pick up. Thanks in advance!
26-Apr-2018Lakeland, FL(11 miles)Items Wanted
Hi, I have need for a yard shed. Thanks!
19-Apr-2018Lakeland, FL(11 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for a King James- Bible Old Testament version. I have this urge to study it. Thank you.
28-Mar-2018Winter Haven, FL(7 miles)Items Wanted
i just blew my power supply and in need of another, the one that fried was a 450watt,but i'll take anything. im broke right now and on unemployment, but i can trade or pay on friday when i get unemployment. all my job search records and other info are on my pc, if you can help please email maxxvds@yahoo.com
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